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Formula 1 Protein Mix

A delicious, nutritionally complete food for a slimmer, new, you!
Formula 1 protein mix provides the balanced nutrition you need with the weight-loss results you want. Specially formulated with an exclusive blend of ingredients, including rich amounts of soy proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and herbs. Protein Mix is designed to help you feel full and satisfied so you won't crave unhealthy foods and snacks. It also provides all the essential amino acids your body needs for good health, and it contains carbohydrates for quick energy. Formulated for convenience, simply replace two meals with Herbalife's deliciously satisfying Protein Mix and eat on balanced meal a day.

We will personally assist you with your weight loss program.

Ideal For Those Wishing To Lose Weight
And Keep It Off

Take the guesswork out of losing weight
with the:
Advanced Weight Management Program



Formula 2
Mineral & Herbal Tablets

Maximum formula for complete nutrition.
Poor eating habits, stressful lifestyles and environmental pollutants can rob our bodies of vital nutrients and wreak havoc on our immune systems, making it even more difficult to reach our ideal weight. Start replenishing your body today with Herbalife's maximum formula Multivitamin-Mineral & Herbal Tablets.
Include 39 vitamins, minerals and premium quality, natural Chinese herbs that work synergistically to create a foundation for long-term good health.
Contains antioxidant factors Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium as well as Chromium GTF, and essential mineral that helps keep your body healthy and fit.


Formula 3
Cell Activator

Increases the absorption and effectiveness of your vitamin and mineral intake.

Contains special trace elements and health-building botanical factors such as Boron a mineral important for bone growth and development, and Pycnogenol, a plant extract particularly high in antioxidant properties.
Helps enhance vitality and, when used on a daily basis, can contribute greatly to your well being.

Thermogetics Green And
Thermogetics Beige

The key to losing excess weight is keeping your energy balance high in order to reduce stored body fat

Theremogetics Green and Beige tablets work synergestically with each other to help you feel more in control and to give you the visible results you want.
Thermogetics Green and Beige are designed to be taken together, twice a day.
Formulated from a select blend of 21 health-enhancing botanicals including ancient herbs from China and the Amazon.
Micronutrients and herbs energize the bodyh's cells to allow you to receive the maximum benefit from your food.
Provides a natural, daytime lift.

Each Advanced Program Contains:
Formula 1
- Nutritional Protein Drink Mix
Delicious, balanced meal replacement, nutritionally enhanced for good health. (Complete description left of this page)

Formula 2 - Multivitamin - Mineral & Herbal Tablets
Chock full of 39 vitamins, minerals and important nutrients the body requires. (Complete description left of this page)

Formula 3 - Cell Activator
Boosts absorption of vitamins and minerals from your food intake
(Complete description left of this page)

Thermojetics Green & Thermogetics Beige
Green - Helps produce a desirable energy balance so excess body fat may be reduced.
Beige - A unique blend of herbs for increased energy
(Complete description left of this page)

Thermogetics Yellow
An evening nutritional supplement to help control snacking
(Complete description left of this page)

Thermogetics Herbal Concentrate
Refreshment in an instant
Energizing beverage with meals, during exercise, anytime.

Advanced Program - $149.80

We will personally assist you with your
weight loss program

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Thermogetics Yellow

An ideal evening weight-loss supplement.
This exciting dietary supplement combines Garcinia Cambogia, a cernturies-old Indian fruit which is a natural source of hydroxycitric acid, with Chromium GTF, an essential tgrace mineral.
Helps with snacking and can be especially beneficial for those who need an extra boost of weight-loss support in the evening.
Offers nutritional value and can be used day and night for 24-hour weight management assistance.
Easily absorbed by the body.
Use in conjunction with Thermogetics Green and Beige tablets.

We will personally assist you with your
weight loss program



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We will personally assist you with your weight loss program
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