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2000 Rules
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 2000 UMP Super Late Model Rules
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1. The Rules And/Or Reaulations Set Forth Herein Do Not Express Or Imply Warranty Of Safety From Publication Of Or Compliance With These Rules and/Or Regulations, They Are Intended As A Guide For The Conduct Of The Sport, And Are In No Way A Guarantee Against Injury.

2. UMP Rules shall Apply At All UMP Sanctioned Events.

3. UMP Officials Shall Have Full Authority Over UMP Sanctioned. Events. At The Discretion Of UMP Officials, Any Competitior may Be Disqualified For Rules Violation, Hazardous Actions, Or Assaults Or Threats Against Any Official,

4. All UMP Race Cars Subject To Be Inspected By UMPInspectors At Any Time,

5. All Cars Must Have Fuel Cells, 32 Gal, Max. In Completely Enclosed 18 ga, Steel Container, No Aluminum Allowed. All Fuel Cells must Be Completely Visible. All Cells To Have A Minimum Of 2 - 2" x 1/8" Steel Straps Surrounding Them, Any Driver Having Fuel Cell Able To Hold More Than 32 Cal. Of Fuel Loses All Winnings & Points For That Night, And Is Fined $1,000.00 Any Driver May Be Asked To Drain Fuel-Cell & Have it Filled And Measured Any Night,

6. Minimum 1 1/2" Diameter, Tubing Braced loop Behind Cell, This Hoop Must Be In Place At All Times.

7. Fuel Cells Cannot Be Lower Than Bottom Of Ouick Chanpe,

8. Fire Resistant Uniforms Required Of All Late Ilodel Drivers,

9. Fire Resistant Underwear, Sox & Gloves Recommended, But Not Required.

10. Halon Fire Extinguisher System Recommended, But Not Required

11. An 1 1/2" 18 Ga. Steel Drive Shaft Loop Mandatory,

12. All Round Tube Chassis Must Be A Minimum Of 1 3/4" Outside Dia. Tubing, With Minimum Wall Thickness Of .083. Must Use 4130 Chrome Moly Steel.

13. Body Must Conform To Attached Late Model Drawing. Click Here

14. All Cars Must Have Tow Hook. For Towing Purposes Only, Cable Or Chain Preferred. Tow Hook Can Not Extend In Front Of Car, Or Have Battering Ram Capabilities,

15. No Rub Rails

16. No Mirrors.

17. No Radios Allowed In Race Car, Or Any Pit Member, Or anyone Connected With Race Car,

18. All Roofs Must Be 41" From Front To Back Front To Back Maximum. 48" Side To Side Minimum, 54" side To Side Maximum, Rounded And Tapered Stock Appearing Roofs Only No Partial Roofs, No Flat Roofs. No Tilted Roofs. No Dished Out Roofs. No Winqs Attached To Roof, Or To Side Posts, No Built In Air Dams, Must Be Stock Appearing,

19. All Roof Posts Must Meet Outside Of Car.

20. Side Vents On Front Roof Posts Can Extend Back No Further Than 16" Bottom, Then Straight Up To roof For A L Configuration, Side Vents Must Meet Outside Of Car.

21.Rear Roof Post Supports Must Meet Outside Of Car On A Flat Straight Line, And Be Stock Appearing. minimum Width On Bottom 18" Minimum 'Vlidth On Top 8", Maximum Width On Bottom For Solid Post 24" Maximum Width On Top For Solid Post 12" Maximum Width On Bottom For Post With Window 32", Maximum Width On Top For Post With Window 16", All Rear Roof Supports Must Be 32" Or Greater From Rear Of Trunk,

22. All Structural Tubing Must Remain Inside Body,

23. All Added Weights Must Be White Or Silver, with Drivers Number Painted On Them,

24. All Added Weights Must Be Securely Mounted To Car with Minimum Of 2 1/2" Bolts Through Each 50 lbs, Of Added Weight. No Weiqhts On Rear Bumper, or Outside Body Of Car, All Added Weight Mounted Below Interior Sheet Metal,

25. Interior Of Car Must Be 12" Below Roll Cage Min, All Areas Of Roof, From Front To Behind Drivers Seat, No Area Of The Interior Of Cockpit Can Be Less Than 12" Below The Roof And Roll Cage For Safe, Easy Exiting Of Car From Either Side. All 4 Windows Must Have 12" Of Clearance Straight Up & Down, Side Windows 15" Min, At Angle To Door, No Support Bars Blocking Right Exit From Cockpit Allowed,

26. Any Sun Shield Must Be On Hinges For Easy Exiting, No Taping Allowed That Brings Window Opening To Less Than 12".

27. No Wings Of Any Kind Allowed In Cockpit, Or Under Trunk, No Tunnels Or Wings Of Any Kind Inside Car, Or Underneath Car For Special Ground Hugging Effects, Right Inner Mud Shield Must End At Tail Section Of Transmission, Max, Length 18"

28. Rear Quarterpanels Cannot Be Higher Than Any Portion Of Rear Trunk, NO TOLERANCE Trunk Cannot Be Longer Than Quarter Panels, Trunk Must Be Level For 32" From Rear spoiler.

29.No Side Fins Of Any Kind The Entire Length Of Car, Interior Of Car May Be Dropped,

30. Tire Clearance From Body At Least 2", No Wheel Skirts,

31. 8" Max Spoiler, Total Material Measured From Trunk To Tin of Material, 72" Wide Max.

32. Side Spoiler Supports Must Not Exceed U.M.P, Inspectors Template, No Longer Than 18" On Bottom The Entire Support Must Be On Trunk, Rear Of Support Can Angle Upward For A Max, Of 8"

Bottom Of Front Of Support Can Only Come Up Less Than l 1/2" Before Going At An Angle To The Top Similar To The Drawing Max.Total Length Of Top Of Support Rear Of Support Has To Be An Angle Similar To Drawing Top Of Side Support Can Have A Strength Bend Of Less Than I" At A Slight Angle,

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