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Super Late Model

Super Late Model

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Super Late Model

1999 UMP
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 1998 UMP
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Super Late Model
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Final Points

Open Wheel Modified
Final Points 1999

UMP Past Late Model Champions Home Town
1984 Gary Webb Blue Grass, Iowa
1985 Gary Well Blue Grass, Iowa
1986 John Gill

Mitchell, Indiana

1987 John Gill Mitchell, Indiana
1988 Jim Curry Norman, Indiana
1989 Jim Leka Buffalo, Illinois
1990 Bob Pierce Danville, Illinois
1991 Kevin Claycomb Vincennes, Indiana
1992 Kevin Weaver Gibson City, Illinois
1993 Randy Sellars Mayfield, Kentucky
1994 Ed Dixon Washington, Missouri
1995 Tony Izzo Junior Bridgeview, Illinois
1996 Donnie Tudor Shawneetown, Illinois
1997 Randy Korte Highland, Illinois
1998 Mark Faust Breese, Illinois
1999 Ed Dixon Washington, Missouri
2000 Ed Dixon Washington, Missouri
2001 Rodney Melvin Benton, Illinois
2002 Terry English Benton, Kentucky
2003 Rodney Melvin Benton, Illinois
2004 Rodney Melvin Benton, Illinois
2005 Rodney Melvin Benton, Illinois
2006 Randy Korte Highland, Illinois
2007 Dennis Erb Jr Carpentersville, Illinois
2008 Dennis Erb Jr Carpentersville, Illinois
2009 Jason Feger Bloomington, Illinois
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UMP Points Accumalation Explained
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