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2000 Rules
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 2000 UMP Open Wheel Modifieds Rules
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I. Roll Cage Must Consist Of Continuous Hoops Not Less Than 1.5" Outside Diameter. and Must have A Wall Thickness Of At Least 095,


2. Must Be Frame Mounted In At Least 6 Places,


3. Must Consist Of A Configuration Of Front & Rear Hoops Connected By Tubing On The Sides Or Side Hoops. Drivers Head Must Not Protube Above Cage With Helmet on, Roll Cage Must Be Securely Supported, And Braced. Top Hoop must Have Crossbar.


4. Protection Of Feet Is Mandatory. Bar Across Back Of Engine With Vertical Bars And Rub Rails. Or Similar Protection.


5. No Brace Bars Forward Of P. Cage May Be Higher Than Stock Hood Height.


6. Driver Door Bars Must Be As Parallel With The Ground As Possible. And Located Perpendicular To The Driver So as To Provide Maximum Protection For Driver, But Without Causing Difficulty In Getting In Or Out Of The Vehicle, The Side bars must Be Welded To The Front And Rear Of The Roll Cage members No Brazing,7 Or Soldering. Door Bars Less Than 095 1,Thickness must Have 4 Bars at Least l 1/2" Diameter.


7. Helmets Are required. And Must Be Approved SHCA or Snell Type Full Coverage.


8. Fire Suits 0f Flame Retarded Nature Must Be worn By All Competitors. Fire Resistant gloves Recommended, But Not Required,


9. Brakes must Be Operated On All 4 wheels And Must Iock up All 4 wheels At Inspection. no Drilling Of Brake Rotors! N0 Altering of Brake Rotors! No Single Disc Brake Rotors! Must Be OEM Brakes Are meant To Stop Your Car! No Drilling Or Altering Of Brake Rotors


10. Exhaust Svstems Must Be Mounted In Such A Way To Direct Spent Cases Away From Areas Of possible Spillage Of Fuel. Headers must Be pointed Awav From ground.


11. All Cars must Have Fuel Cells. 32 gal. Max. In Completely Enclosed Steel Contianer, All Cells To Eave A minimum Of 2 - 2" x I/8" Steel straps Surrounding Them. Fuel Cell Must Be Protected In rear Of Axle By roll Cage Tubing Mounted Securely, No Part of Fuel Cell Can Be Lower Than Protective Tubing.


12. Batteries Must Be Securely Mounted And Shielded. Batteries mounted Inside Of vehicle Must Be In Marine Type Cases.


13. Fuel Must Be Either Gasoline Or Alcohol. no Nitrous Oxide. No Additives Of Any Kind.


14. Loose obects must Not Be Used In Drivers compartment, Or Outside Of Body Or Hood Area. Any weights added To Other Areas Of Vehicle Must Be SecureIy mounted, And Painted white Or silver" with Car Number On It. Attached with at Least 2 - 1/2" bolts. Weights Must Be inside Body Of Car, Not Attached To Rear Bumper, All Lead Must Be Mounted Below Interior Sheet Metal.


15. Factory Production Full 1950 or Newer Parel,el American Passencer Car Frames Only. Frames May Be Cut In Rear Only At Point not Farther Than 36" From Center Of Rear End Housing,


I6. Frames May Ilot Be Widened Or Narrowed. And Must be Able To Support Roll Cage on Both Sides. Must Be Full And Complete Both Sides. Front Cross Member May Be Notched For Radiator. Clearance Only. Minimum Frame And Body Height From gound Is 4"


17. Front Suspension must Be O.E.M. And Be In Stock Location, And Must Be Replacable By Stock Part From Same Type Suspension, Stock Passenger Car Spindles Only. No Fabricated Spindles. Bottom A Frames Cannot Be Altered Or Moved.


18.Tube Type Upper A Frame Allowed And Can Be moved,


19. No Coil Over Shocks Allowed Front Or Rear, No Homemade Coil- Overs. Anywhere.


20. N Jeep . Bronco, Or 4 Wheel Drive, Sports Car, Etc. Frames Allowed, No Front wheel. Drives,


21. Rear Of Frame may Be Altered To Accept Leaf Or Coil Springs. Any Coil Springs Must Be At Least 4 - 1/2" Outside Diameter, No Fibreglass Springs, NO Fibreqlass Lift Bars, No Rear Torsion Bars,


22. No Hydraulic, Ratchet, Or Electric Weight Jacks Anywhere In Or On Car,


23. One Shock Per Wheel Only, Additional Shocks In Other Locations Permissable, Any Shock On Car May Be Claimed For $125.00


24. Minimum Wheelbase 108" Maximum Wheel base 112" No Front Clips or Tube Type Allowed, No Aluminum or Fibreglass Suspension Or Rearend Parts. No Aluminum Drive Shafts,


25. All Race Cars Must Meet Measurements Of Drawing, There Are Only 5 Roof Lines To Choose From! Don't Try To Invent Something New!


26. Bodies May Be Tiempo, Cavalier, Mustang II, Daytona, Gremlin, Etc, American Compact Passenger Cars Only, NO NIGHTMARES! No Panel vans, Station Wagons, Rear Windows must Be Either Open Or Clear, Both Rear Windows Must match, Either Both Open, Or Both Closed. Should Be Stock Appearing. Stock Appearing Front Windshield And Rear Window Support Unit. Front window Support May Have Clear Lexan Support of No More Than 4" At Bottom Going Straight Up To Top ,, Must Be Full Size Roof, No Flat Gremlin Roofs Must Resemble Attached Drawing, No homemade inventions, Gremiln roofs 56" miximum length. Gremlin Roof Supports 46" Bottom maximum, 18" Top Minimum, Must Go From Bottom To Top At 45 degree Angle Rear Slope must Be Gradual, And No More Than 2" Total Slope, All Cars Must Be Stock Appearing, And Resemble An American Made Compact Car,


27. Original Roof Lines Of Vehicle Should. Be Maintained With A Maximum 1" Drop Rear To Front, No Wings, No Spoilers. Or Any Other Ground Effect Allowed Inside Or Outside Of Car,


28. Engine Compartment Will Remain Open, No Side Panels, Hood Sides may Have Maximum 4" Drop And must Be Enclosed At Rear Of Hood, Bodies Should Extend No Further Forward Than Back Of block, Rear Of Bodies To Be Solid Panel At Least 8" High with Car Number,


29. All Windows Must Have minimuin 12" Vertical Opening, Entire Interior must Have 12" Clearance For Easy Exiting In Case Of Fire, No Half moon Roofs,


30. No Direct Drives Allowed, Must Be Bolted To Engine. must Have Forward And Reverse. Must Be Able To Shift To Forward Or Reverse With Engine Running. BERT Type Transmissions Allowed,


31. Competition Shoulder Harness At Least 3" Lap Belt Of At Least 3" & Sub strap Required. No Factory 7 Type Shoulder Belts Or Straps. metal To metal Buckles Are Required On Shoulder And Seat Belts. Shoulder Harness Should Be Mounted Even with Or Above Drivers Shoulders. Belts & Harness Recommended To Be No more Than 1 Year 0ld.


32. KilI Switch Required within Easy Reach Of Driver, This switch must say "On" Or "OFF"


33. Drive Shaft Loop Is Required And must be Constructed Of At Least 1/2" x 2" Steel, must Be mounted no more Than 6" Back From Front Of Drive Shaft, Drive Shaft must Be White Or Silver,


34. Any American Engine may Be Used As long as Rear Of Engine bell1iousing Flange Is mounted At Least 72" Forward From The Center Line Of rear Axle. Engine Offset must Be Kept within 2" Of Center Line Of Front cross member, Engine Height minimum 11" From Ground To Front Center Of Crankshaft., No Aluminum Blocks ! No Aluminum Blocks


35. No Timing Controls Of Any Kind, No Traction Control Of Any kind ! No Controlling of wheel Spin By Any Device.


36. Front Bumper must Be mounted Frame End To Frame End, with The Bottom Loop Parallel To the ground. Minimum 1 1/2" Pipe Able To Support car If Lifted By Wrecker. Rear Bumpers may Be Constructed Of Pipe Or Flat Stock, and must protect Fuel Cell. center Of nurf bars Front And Rear must be 18" From,. ground. (Tolerance 2") Rear Bumpers, Nerf Bars, And Bodies must Not Extend Beyond width Of rear Tires, And must Not Contain Any Sharp edges.


37. Cne 2 Or 4 Barrel Carburetor, must be naturally asperated. No Fuel Injection. No Electric Fuel Pumps. No Magnetos.


38. Any Passenger Car Type Or Truck Rear End may Be Used. No aluminum allowed Except Lowering Blocks, Axle Can, and Drive Plate. no Ouick Change Devices Allowed,


39. Clutch Type Transmissions must Be EquippedI With An Explosion Proof Steel Bell Housing, If Explosion Proof Bell housing Is Not avallable For Your Engine, Or If You Prefer, You may Construct a Shield Of At Least 1/2" x 6" Steel Covering The Clutch area 360 And Be Securely fastened


40. Steering Box Must Be O.E.M. No Pack And Pinion. Must Remain Within Original Bolt Pattern, For Type Of Frame Used,. In Cocknit Steering may be modified to Suit Drivers Taste, But Must Be On Left Side of Cockpit. No Center Steering,


41. N0 Radios, No Mirrors.


42. No aluminum Shells, Hubs, "A" Frames, Or Spindles, Or Any Other Aluminum Suspension Parts. No plastic Carbon Wheels. All Calipers must Be OEM


43. All Engines must Be Able To Be Used In Conventional Passenger Car Without Alteration. motor mounts Cannot Be Removed or altered Castings And Fittings must Not Be Changed, No machine Work On outside Engine or On Front Or Rear Of Camshaft.


44. No Total Dry Sump Systems Allowed. Wet Systems must Be operative And Will Go With Engine claim.


45. Cooling Systems may Be Altered, or modified if Stock Appearing Hood Line is Maitained


46.Engine Clami Ruls: $550,00 Plus Exchange Of Engine, (Wreckers Pulling Engines Get $50.QO)


47. Claim Does Not Include Flywheel, Clutch, Pressure Plate., Bell Housing, Headers, Carburetor, Starter, Fan & Pulleys Motor mounts, Sending Units, And Swirxhwa For Oil Pressure & water Temp., Carburetor Adaptor, Clutch Ball, Clutch Arm, Throw Out Bearings, Dip Stick, Water Pump, Distributor, Or Plug Wires, Or Fuel Pump,


48 Driver making Claim must Have Taken Checker Flag In Feature, And Be On Same Lap As The Leader. Claim must Be made in Cash or Cert, Check To Promoter Within 5 minutes Of End Of Feature, Driver must Have Cash Or Cert, Check, Plus His UMP, License On Him. Cannot Be Given Driver By Anyone Else. No Driver Can make Over 2 Claims In U.M.P. For The Entire Year,A Driver Can Claim Another Drivers Engine Only Once During The Year, Only The Winner Can Be Claimed, In Case Of Multiple Claims On Same Engine, Engine Will Go To Qualified, Driver Finishing Furthest Back, No Driver may Claim An Engine If He Has Spun Out, And Caused A Yellow Flag Caution Period, If Claim Is Refused, Claim Is Not Held Against Claiming Driver. If a Driver Has A Vastly Surerior Engine, And Blows Everyone Away In A Race, Then He Needs To Be Claimed, But if You Have Good Competitive Racing Among Several Drivers, Then There Is No Need For Grudge Claiming, The Only Reason For Claiming Is To Keep The Racing Low Dollar And Competitive,


49. Driver making Claim must Drive His Car immediatly After Finish Of Feature, Under Its Power, Directly To Claiming Area. Only Drivers And officials Are Allowed In Claiming Area, Claiming Area Must Be Designated By Promoter To All Drivers At Drivers Meeting Prior To Feature Event** Feature Winner Must Go To Claiming Area Immediately Following Finish of Feature Event, If No Driver Comes Immediately To Claiming Area, Winner May Go To His Pits.


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