Losing Weight Safely

"Doctor Tells How He Safely Lost 50 Pounds"

Dr Dobyns Down 50 Pounds
And Still Losing
Before: 239 pounds - After 189 pounds

"In spite of the fact that I'm a physician," Dr. Dobyns
states, "I had the same trouble controlling my weight that most people do. We're taught very little about nutrition in medical school, so I know many health care professionals who eat very unhealthy diets.

"In just seven months I've lost 50 pounds," Dr. Dobyns continues, "and my wife has lost 40 pounds. My cholesterol level dropped from 294 to 193.

"I've been able to discontinue medication for several of my diabetic patients," Dr Dobyns firmly states. "Once they got their weight under control and improved their diet, their blood sugar level became manageable without drugs.

Thomas E Dobyns M.D.
Hampden-Sydney College, B.S. in Chemistry
Magna Cum Laude Medical College Of Virginia
M.D. Board Certified In Family Practice Since 1984

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